Our Firm

Our Firm

We Focus On Representing Deal-Intensive Companies

Our lawyers are recognized as being among the best at what we do. We help young companies grow, prosper and avoid legal problems. In addition, we have worked with dozens of companies from startup to mature businesses. We focus our practice on securities law (venture capital financing, private offerings and strategic funding), mergers and acquisitions and complex corporate partnership transactions.

We Have Industry Business Backgrounds

Although having an industry business background isn't a requirement for a good business lawyer, it helps. Most of us have worked in the industries we represent, including the energy, banking, software and Internet industries. The industry background of the lawyers serving you and their work experiences will be provided to you.

Passionate About Efficiency

Labor is very expensive in law firms (salaries for attorneys and staff account for most of the operating expenses), so we think it's only logical to leverage the talent of our best people through extensive automation training and systems. You'll notice the effect of our automation in our high quality work, our rapid turnaround and our cost effectiveness.

Quick Responses Are Important

We promise to return your phone calls and messages quickly. We will keep you posted on projects and deadlines and will welcome your input on priorities.

We Prefer to Write in Plain English

You'll find our agreements are short, complete and understandable.

Billing Fairness is Important to Us

We provide full itemized billing information on all bills, including people working on the account, their hours, rates and detailed descriptions of what they did. We expect our clients to sign our standard legal services agreement and ask questions about our engagement. On certain transactions, where we are able to estimate accurately, the approximate amount of legal work involved, we are willing to quote fixed fees in writing. We expect prompt payment of our bills, but are flexible in timing of payment if a company has not yet received funding. In short, we want to treat our clients fairly and to be treated fairly ourselves.